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People-focused car servicing: your car is important to us, but so are you.

Need to know more before you book?

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What we recommend as it ensures your car gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Equal to giving your car a spa day.
- Includes the checks, work and part replacements recommended by the car's manufacturer at specific times, often referred to as a scheduled service.
- Increase vehicle resale value as it shows you look after your car.
- It will also keep your new car warranty for newbies, for added peace of mind.

We guarantee our workmanship - we offer a Lifetime guarantee on all work performed at Skyline.

We provide service specific support - we won’t pigeon-hole your car into a package if you come in for a battery replacement or wheel alignment.

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At Skyline we call these our Basic Services, but you might know it as a minor or fixed price service.
- Includes an 86 point safety check, new engine oil and a new oil filter.
- We'll report on anything needed to keep your car (Betty? Bruce? Cassandra?) in tip top shape, even if they are starting to show their age.

We’re upfront about costs - get your car service cost and book online, we service all types of cars including Toyota Service, Hyundai Service or Honda Service

You’ll be supported and served by an automotive experts